Breath of Spring

Touch soft the window on your way Whistle greetings where you may Through piney trees and rolling hill wander freely where you will But linger quiet in the stream And wake it from its icy dream. Dance free through rime encrusted trees Gait unhindered by leaf or leaves Bid barren branches to turn green Breath … Continue reading Breath of Spring


The Source of Sorrow

I knew her since my world was new When love lacked lust and eyes lacked dew I knew her as the joy-filled child with sunset hair and eyes so mild What have the years done with us? When did they our whimsy crush? All that's left of those two kids is nostalgia's sigh and damp … Continue reading The Source of Sorrow

Guest post 2, The Place of The Skull

Another poem by fellow Blogger David Sleeper from Thank you for enabling my lack of content. You're the real hero here.   Blessed that hill,  forever, be The wretched mound called calvary   Where my savior showed his love for me. He took with him my sin to die Then made a place above … Continue reading Guest post 2, The Place of The Skull