The Source of Sorrow

I knew her since my world was new
When love lacked lust and eyes lacked dew
I knew her as the joy-filled child
with sunset hair and eyes so mild

What have the years done with us?
When did they our whimsy crush?
All that’s left of those two kids
is nostalgia’s sigh and damp eyelids.

Where does it hide, your truest smile?
You haven’t worn it in a while.
You put on those classy smirks
but shrink from where true joy must lurk.

Your smile never meets your eye,
a former friend, with glimmer dry
they twain in darkness waste away
without mirth’s lum’nous beams so gay.

Something came into your life
That, dressed as joy, brought guilt and strife.
Something’s here, and won’t be gone
that far from you your joy has drawn.

What evil thing I do not know
could leave for cheer this grim sorrow
But if I could I’d lead your thought
Into the place old joys were wrought.

How will I return your grin?
What foolish word or wicked sin
Shall I again commit to guile
back to you, your guiltless smile?


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