For a Hurting Girl

This one’s pretty personal. I wrote it spur of the moment when someone I care about needed a poem. So it’s not my best work. My use of language and rhyme, cadence and meter are pretty much crap, but I was going through old Google docs and saw it so I figured I’d share.


Also love, I want to hug you for a day
But I’d rather take your depression away
I want to hold you all night
But I’d prefer you didn’t have to fight

But we can’t stop this war
Not till your demons are dead on the floor.
And you can’t let yourself give in
Until we mother fucking win.

Because it’s not about the days that are bad
Even though that feels like all you’ve had
It’s about the life we make good
About the ground we stood
About how not giving in now while the battle is at its worst
Lead to the first
Of many happy days to follow.

Because tomorrow isn’t clear
But we don’t have to fear
Because we’ll be right here
Together, chained or free,
I’ll fight for and you’ll fight for me.

I love you



Anyway, I don’t usually curse on here, but I thought it’d cheapen the poem and the story behind it if I changed anything.


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