Guest post 2, The Place of The Skull

Another poem by fellow Blogger David Sleeper from

Thank you for enabling my lack of content. You’re the real hero here.


Blessed that hill,  forever, be

The wretched mound called calvary  

Where my savior showed his love for me.

He took with him my sin to die

Then made a place above the sky

For me to dwell in by and by.

His love still echoes throughout time

And no printed word, no verse, no rhyme,

Can match the king that took the climb



Up rock and stone and rugged pine

And bore a cross that should be mine

Who died in darkness but rose to shine.


He died for men of every creed

That all who followed would be freed

And Though I, chief among those sinners be,

My Lord, my God, still died for me.


“it is finished” he said at last

though that day has long since passed

And the blood has dried on calvary

It still washes men like me.


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