Guest post–death into life

Turns out I’m not the only guy that writes poetry on WordPress  xD

David Sleeper agreed to post his poetry here as a quid pro quo deal. I share his poem, he shares my blog, I share his blog, we’re both happy.


He’s happy and I’m pleasantly surprised everything isn’t terrible.

His writing at

Death Into Life

I reveled darkness
I smelled of decay.
A dead man walking
With hell to pay.

A light shown around me
And blinded me there
The master of mercy
My source of despair.

His law was like fire
It burned me to shame
His mercy unwanted
I clung to the pain

I fought for my hatred
Against that dread love.
A solider for darkness
I fought all above.

But in my rebellion
As I raised a fist,
Against what was holy,
He showed me his list.

Of murders, rapists, and vile perverts.
Of monsters and creatures that trample in dirt
The innocents, children and sons of the king
And only of evil and vileness sing

For them he showed mercy—
He died on a cross—
For them he was beaten—
They should have stayed lost.

His blood it was scattered
His flesh torn away
The king of all goodness
Let death have its way.

Why would he die there—
The death I deserve—
Why would he perish?
It seems so absurd

To die for a rebel—
A solider of sin—
And offer forgiveness
To all who ask him.

No matter how wretched
Or wicked or wrong
No matter how hateful
No matter how long

I clung to my darkness
And fled from his light
He offered his body
So that I might

Not have my just penance
And Escape my earned flames
And inherit the kingdom
I ceaselessly shamed.

He shouldn’t have died there.
It should have been me.
I should have been hanging
Up on that tree.

But he took the burden
He took the pain.
He took the beating
And had what to gain?

Children of darkness?
The sons of this world?
The monsters that hung him
With the evil we hurled?

Who could have loved me
Enough to do that.
Who could have cared
For as filthy a rat

As I have become
And wallowed in
My devouring evil
My cesspit of sin.

And yet he still stood there—
He gave up his life—
To cut away burdens
To Cut like a knife

Away all my burdens
Of Shame, guilt and hell
He stood there before me
And showed me the nail
Pierced hands of savior
My king that I hail.

He rose up like thunder
And put death to grave.
He slaughtered the power
Of sin to enslave.

Wretched and broken
I fall to my knees
God of creation
Forgiveness I plead.

My Savior, my Master
The Warrior, The King
Your Mercy and Power
Forever I’ll sing.


-D M Sleeper


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