All that remains.

Every girl I ever dated Every one I ever knew Had an aspect if conflated Would have added up to you.   A pair of eyes, a turn of phrase The way they walked that held my gaze I didn't notice at the time Were pretty ghosts of you, sublime.   With every love I've … Continue reading All that remains.


The Color of Hell

Some people say that hell is black Like some eternal godless night Some like to say that hell is red For penal fire and blood been shed But just ask me and I'll tell you right. I know that hell is white   Hell is white like fallen snow Crisp and clean all down below … Continue reading The Color of Hell

Guest post 2, The Place of The Skull

Another poem by fellow Blogger David Sleeper from Thank you for enabling my lack of content. You're the real hero here.   Blessed that hill,  forever, be The wretched mound called calvary   Where my savior showed his love for me. He took with him my sin to die Then made a place above … Continue reading Guest post 2, The Place of The Skull